DIY S'mores Bar

Non-flammable container such as clay plant pot or metal bucket
Sterno gel candles
Rocks to support the candles
Primizie Dolce Caramel Flabread Crisps (or Simply Salted for a sweet/salty combination) 

Share s'mores love with friends and family with a DIY s'mores night. Skip the graham crackers and use Primizie's Dolce Caramel Flatbread Crisps for a gourmet twist on the classic dessert.


Place rocks in non-flammable container and tightly position sterno gel candle in-between rocks. Set out marshmallows, chocolate, skewers and Primizie Dolce Caramel Flatbread Crisps in bowls. 

Light Sterno candles and enjoy! 


Tip from Mark: Push chocolate into the marshmallow center for a sweet surprise and less messy treat. 

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